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Cloud Based Services

Our Cloud Services offer small & mid-sized businesses security, reliability & scalability, while reducing administrative overhead.

Microsoft 365 & Hosted Exchange

Business applications and email powered by Microsoft 365 and Exchange help employees to be more effective and productive. Content delivery from the cloud is the best choice for business applications and email.

  • 24/7 support

  • 99.999% uptime guarantee

  • Preserve capital: no hardware to deploy

  • Minimize expenses: simple monthly fees

Email from the cloud lets your company communicate and collaborate more effectively than with other email platforms. So you can maintain your competitive edge – now and into the future.

Onboarding and Migration by Our Experts

Why invest in on-premises servers when you can leverage our enterprise-grade data centers to power your business?

  • No hardware to buy and no server software to install

  • Shift email costs to your operating budget

  • Reinvest capital you’d otherwise sink into on-premises hardware

cloud based services

Virtualize Your Business Infrastructure

As an Azure, AWS, and VMWare Professional Partner, Synobis Network Solutions can provide a complete range of robust, reliable, and cost-effective solutions, from free virtualization tools to start experiencing the benefits of virtualization today, to comprehensive platforms that can be deployed as building blocks in a flexible and configurable way to scale as the business grows.

Hosted Virtual Desktop Instances

Hosted desktop technology is an innovative new method for delivering desktops to end users. Part of the “cloud computing” concept, a hosted desktop looks and acts exactly like a traditional PC but, instead of residing locally, all software and data are housed in our state-of-the-art data centers.

Hosted Virtual Server

Dynamic servers represent the next generation of server environment, replacing the conventional concept of the dedicated or managed server. We provide server resources that look and act just like a dedicated server but, because we utilize a Grid and virtualization computing system, they are scalable on demand, and ready to meet the needs of your business at any given moment.

Don’t be Left Behind

Virtualization is a fundamental technological innovation that allows skilled IT managers to deploy creative solutions to address some of today’s leading business challenges, including budgetary constraints, the need for flexibility in adapting to organizational challenges, and the continued stringent regulatory environment. Virtualization also expedites disaster preparedness and recovery, increases overall server security, and better supports future growth.

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